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Sigan con el buen trabajo en este asombroso creador de sitios web. Personalmente prefiero hacer un sitio desde cero que utilizar una plantilla. Ya vi el video y estoy muy feliz con lo que se puede hacer. Pero, eso es todo. Me encanta la facilidad en la que pueden crearse los sitios web con este asombroso producto. Generalmente, realmente quiero felicitarles por el trabajo. El producto es asombroso. Su producto tiene un gran potencial.

Chinoms U. Mucha suerte, no puedo esperar a ver lo que viene. Espero algo grande de ustedes chicos. Es gratis. Eindhoven, DB, Netherlands Email: Help , Forums , Affiliates. Edita y personaliza tu estilo directamente. Publica tu sitio web Publica tu sitio web donde quieras: Kaya Ismail. Since i use this theme, i got big spirit to write more better code. Posted by dvader on Feb 26, Can you please create an issue in GitHub with a screenshot if possible?

Posted by Revivius on Feb 26, My only complaint so far is in the SQL editor when using code completion when working with queries, the drop-down list popup contains low contrast colors for DB table field names: Then again thank you a lot for this most needed dark LAF. Posted by dvader on Feb 24, Posted by unxSqy on Feb 05, Finally a consistent! Great job! Let's see how it displays the colors in versioning conflicts and coverage reports. Norway Today has some issues in this regard.

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Posted by scuro on Feb 04, Posted by AlexFalappa on Feb 02, I am having trouble getting the newest version 1. Only 1. I downloaded the. Anyone know how to solve this? Posted by eric on Feb 01, Please amend SSH connection background and color of bookmarks in the terminal.

Plugin is amazing! Posted by kowern on Feb 01, Hello everybody; I am very happy that you like the plugin. Thanks to all contributors markiewb, granella and AlexFalappa and also to daylanv; v1. Posted by Revivius on Feb 01, Posted by chraiet95 on Jan 31, What I don't appreciate is people who will post a screenshot of Jetbrains, and say, "look they use this font here, so we have to use that font as well. I think we owe it to ourselves to develop a user experience that is better than Jetbrains, and in doing so, I think we just need to be a bit more creative. So lets just be clear: By definition, if we are just going to copy them, then they aren't even our ideas.

In any case, I think you should list your current mockup on the issues page on Github if you have not done so already, because I agree with you with regards to making the tabs on a TabComponent match that of the Editor tabs. Did not mean to start a flame war on ideas in any case, just wanted to point out to the community that this is a fine opportunity to make something new and fresh.

Thanks for contributing. Posted by dylanv on Jan 28, I appreciate very much work of everyone. To be focused more on work than distracting from it. I do not understand why you are closing your eyes and ears from listening them. Just because you are comfortable with the state as it is now If there is a way to enhance something we should try it and not reprobate it. Otherwise we would be still in the cave The idea is to not copy Jetbrains, we are very glad that we were able to get the Darcula look and feel, but this is really a different IDE to jet brains.

I personally much prefer the tabs that Netbeans has because its much more visible and clear as to which tab is selected.

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Just because Jetbrains does something does not in any way mean we should automatically just port it over to Netbeans. Firstly, perfect plugin!

But I suggest some improvements to better fit Darcula colours. See mockups gallery: Second is my proposal. I have been using the plugin, and had added a theme which tried to replicate the editor experience, but it wasn't just right yet Thanks much! Posted by wadechandler on Jan 25, Posted by dicexq on Jan 25, Hi all; V1. There are also more icon, border and color enchancements. Thank you!

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Posted by Revivius on Jan 24, Many thanks. Works great on NB 8. Posted by gualtiero65 on Jan 23, Posted by Revivius on Jan 21, Are those numbers e. Posted by puppala on Jan 21, Now This what you call awesome. Netbeans became much more fun to use with this plugin and this came as an unexpected surprise. Many thanks to you Revivius. Posted by Rahul. Thanks a million for taking the time to implement some of the suggestions and ideas.

If theres anything that bugs me further, ill give it a go with the source on Github. Geertjan What would it take to make this a standard plugin that comes bundled with Netbeans? I know many people who have switched to Jetbrains simply because it had a "better" UI. If we can get this somewhere onto the main page, or simply just include with all releases of Netbeans especially because the plugin is very small in size , I guarantee you people will switch from Eclipse and Jetbrains and maybe even some text editors like Atom. Posted by dylanv on Jan 19, Thanks for the great work, for open sourcing it, and also for the various people who are now contributing too via ideas, insights, e.

Posted by geertjan on Jan 19, Hi all; Version 1. Posted by Revivius on Jan 19, Posted by granella on Jan 18, Concerning http: Posted by koalaBear on Jan 18, Posted by dylanv on Jan 18, The theme is very nice. I tried "Norway Today" profile which is the only dark one provided by default. All others are too bright, but even norway is not matching well.

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I have adapted "Norway Today" to match Darcula. It is a first draft. If you want I can send it to you? Posted by jmborer on Jan 18, When the borders are removed from most of the elements on dark UI's, they become less distracting which is usually the biggest issue with dark UI's yes I'm looking at you Photoshop Update P I know I'm probably being very hyper critical, and I'm very well aware that most of this cannot be controlled simply by the LAF.

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But here are some possible things I think we should take a look at that really add quite a bit of polish obviously only if its possible. In most cases, its usually just some residual borders that are are still present from the IDE's core UI. I uploaded the images to imgur that highlight some of these: I salute you for once again doing an outstanding job.

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