How to burn audio cd on mac

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Learn more about Toast 11 Titanium by using the tutorials at Roxio. You now have an audio CD which is playable on any CD player or computer!

Audio Burning

Be sure to write a label on the top of your disc with a soft-tip pen or permanent marker. It is recommended that you test your disc by playing it on a CD player or another computer.

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If you copied files to the computer in order to burn them to the disc, move them to the Trash on the dock, right click the Trash icon, and select Empty Trash. Need to make a quick copy of your disc? Your email address will not be published.

To my big surprise, there was no easy, idiot proof, very obvious way mac-ish drag and drop way how to acomplish it. It was not exactly hard either, but it actually took consulting the omniviscent Google to find it out.

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Here is what you have to do:. This file is a disk image of your CD. Btw, it works even if you do not select cdr format and write disk as generic Disk Image.

Burn CDs and DVDs on Mac

You can repeat step 2 as many time you need, of course: Next time I am going to use the image, of course assumed that it will be still the same music. Just kidding: What do you think — why did not Apple make this process easier — as they did for many other chores? Has it maybe anything to do with the fact that copying CD can be and quite often is used for copyright violation activities?

This entry was posted on Monday, December 11th, at 8: You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. Both comments and pings are currently closed. I tried to copy an audio CD but after 30 minutes I was only half through Imac 3.

It is much easier and faster to import the CD into Itunes first and burn it. Such pause would throw the song off the beat. Fitness instructors often find this problem.

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