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Certain textures implemented by the Twilight Forest have special handling which is done with Connected Textures Mod.

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This makes certain textures connect to other blocks or glow in the dark. ConnectedTexturesMod is not required, but it can be used to enhance the quality of textures. Twilight Forest requires that the mod must be version 3.

See also: Immersive Engineering Integration. When Immersive Engineering is installed with Twilight Forest, new items and "Shaders" are added into the game.

Along with new additions, Cicadas can also be used for ammunition. Immersive Engineering is not required, but is an optional addition.


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Twilight Forest requires that the mod must be version 0. Along with this, the Uncrafting Table is treated similarly to a Crafting Table, so items can be transferred to an Uncrafting Table via the Crafting recipes menu. When Shield Parry is installed with Twilight Forest, the Configuration options for shield parrying Twilight Forest projectiles is overridden. This means that all shield parrying tweaks are made in Shield Parry's configuration, and affects all projectiles, instead of only Twilight Forest projectiles.

[1.7.10] The Twilight Forest Mod Download

See also: Thaumcraft Integration. Along with this, all Boss Trophies will become usable as Infusion Stabilizers, similar to how a regular mob head does.

See also: Tinkers' Construct Integration. Once you enter the Twilight Forest, it is almost like you are starting an entirely new game. Your full set of diamond armor will barely protect you against the constant onslaught of the new mobs, and you will need to create a shelter and get mining as soon as possible to upgrade.

Getting started and entering the Twilight Forest for the first time is relatively easy for someone who has already reached end-game Minecraft, which is another great plus. After throwing the diamond into the hole of water, the portal will activate, and now all you have to do is jump in to enter the Twilight Forest.

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The new biomes and the tons of dungeons add an incredible amount of adventure and exploration, while the new mobs and creatures keep the challenge ever-present. Sign up now. What to Expect Jumping right in, the new realm, called Twilight Forest, adds a ton of new features to revitalize the game.