Mac mini headless itunes server

After setting up the servers copy of itunes to look across the home wireless network to use the shared music library on the G5. From the G5 iTunes i then export the library as an xml file which takes all my convoluted smart playlists etc.

Headless Mac mini as iTunes server

I can then set up the nice cast to play specific playlists whilst when i am home i can use the G5 subject to my recent loss of remote speakers to play what i want when working on the G5. There wil lbe problems when you try to load new music to avoid the libraries getting out of sync.

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As i intend to keep the G5 the master library so only add music to it then always export the library to refresh the music servers copy. I look after a number of Mac Mini's at local pubs who when they have problems it can be difficult getting to the computer in a busy bar so i got a copy of Apple Remote Desktop and i can do what i need to sat well away from the bar and never touching the mac. If you have. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. Smudger1 Smudger1.

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Specifically, I am building library of all music, video, and photo and publishing to iTunes. As you can imagine, am rapidly running out of disk space. Currently struggling using external hard drives - iTunes doesn't like to have the library content separate from the iTunes application among other challenges. BUT your idea of using super G-Mac and "shared iTunes library" didn't occur to me and may solve my problem? What are the specifics in setting up shared iTunes library? Any special software needed?

Can do across multiple iMacs in same home? Can you point me to any other useful tips, other?

You'll use the same user name and password that was already set up on that Mac to authenticate. When the Server app opens, you'll see an Overview screen, along with a lot of options in the sidebar. I won't look at all of them; you can find out more about the available services on Apple's OS X Server Tutorials page.

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I'm going to look at three services in this article:. This service lets your server keep copies of updates and apps you download to your Macs and iOS devices. These devices don't need to be configured; they automatically discover the server, and downloads go through the server, are stored there, then get passed on to the devices. If you have more than one Mac or iOS device, any apps or updates you download will be cached , or stored on the server, so the other devices don't need to download them.

This saves you time and bandwidth. However, for iOS devices, this only works with updates for the exact same model of a device; a cached update to iOS for your iPad won't work on your iPhone, and an iPhone 6s update won't work on an iPhone SE. All you need to do to turn this on is click "Caching" in the sidebar, and toggle the switch to On. You can also choose to cache iCloud Data, if you wish. At the bottom of the Caching pane, you choose how much space you want the cache to use.

Bring an Old Mac to Life with OS X Server

As you can see in the below image, my server is currently using So you could set, say, 50 GB for caching, and be more than comfortable. You may not need to use the File Sharing service, but if you want a centralized storage location for files on your network, you can activate this service.

Click "File Sharing" in the sidebar, toggle the switch to On, and then add folders in the Shared Folders section. You can connect one or more external drives to your server, so you can have virtually unlimited storage for your files. I use it, among other things, for my video collection, using Plex. This software runs on my server, and allows me to view videos on my Apple TV, my Macs, my iOS devices, and even remotely. OS X Server lets you back up your Macs over your network to the server. So if you have one or more laptops in your household, you can set them to back up automatically to Time Machine on the server, rather than worrying about connecting external hard drives to them for backups.

Click "Time Machine" in the sidebar, toggle the switch to On, and then choose a destination. If you can, devote an entire external hard drive to Time Machine; the more space you provide to Time Machine, the more backups it will be able to store.

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  4. On each of the Macs you want to back up, open the Time Machine pane of System Preferences, click Select Disk, and you'll see that the Mac automatically shows you the Time Machine disk on the server. Recently apple also added this check to the iTunes. It's not a huge problem, you can download "Orca" from the SDK at http: But it's still pretty annoying. Apple does make some pretty terrible windows software, so if I had a mac mini laying around I think I would use that as an iTunes server instead in a heartbeat.

    But for 5 minute of work for each update I couldn't recommend purchasing one exclusively for that reason. Except DRM'd files. I have a mini running iTunes serving an Apple TV and it does the music library via Squeezebox server. The only annoying thing about it is that if a dialog comes up on iTunes - like "do you want to upgrade to the latest iTunes" - sometimes Apple TV can't see its library until that dialog is dismissed.

    Annoying but easily fixed. Never a crash or other issue in maybe two years. I deliberately set mine to not update until I do it manually to avoid issues lile this. That said, if you let it update automatically through software update, I think you avoid all the dialog boxes. The one that used to tick me off was if it did automatically update, then it would always ask you to accept the license and thus block the aTV from seeing the library.

    Haven't tried it lately though. I still use Apple Remote Desktop to update. How are you doing this?

    Create two accounts and enable Fast User Switching. Log in with one account, start iTunes, switch user and start iTunes on the other account. Mac Mini as an iTunes server for video or is a windows box better 28 posts. Captain Riker. Ars Tribunus Angusticlavius et Subscriptor. Hap wrote:. Last edited by 8-Track on Fri Jan 28, 3: Abulia wrote:. Ars Tribunus Militum et Subscriptor. Jump to: Captain Riker "Set Phasers to beard. Sep 6, Posts: Wed Jan 26, 6: Abulia Ars Tribunus Angusticlavius Registered: Jul 20, Posts: Wed Jan 26, 7: Wed Jan 26, 9: May 31, Posts: Wed Jan 26, Thu Jan 27, Thu Jan 27, 1: Apr 17, Posts: Thu Jan 27, 2: Thu Jan 27, 4: Jun 16, Posts: Amsterdam Registered: Sep 17, Posts: Fri Jan 28, 3: ClayH Ars Praetorian Tribus: NC Registered: May 25, Posts: Fri Jan 28, 4: Sat Jan 29, Ziontrain Ars Praefectus Registered: Jul 7, Posts: Sat Jan 29, 7: Sep 24, Posts: Sat Jan 29, 9: Sun Jan 30, 2: Aug 3, Posts: Sun Jan 30, 4: Aug 30, Posts: