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WINE, because it's free and doesn't require a copy of Windows, is the easiest option for running Internet Explorer on your Mac whenever you need it. Download WineBottler link in Resources.

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Choose the stable version of the software to ensure optimal compatibility. Open the WineBottler disk image once it has finished downloading, and then drag the Wine and WineBottler icons to your Applications folder. Open the XQuartz disk image once the download has finished, double-click on the file included in the disk image, and the follow the on-screen installation instructions. Log out and then log back in to your computer once installation is complete. Right click on the. APP file 4.

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Double Click on the Wineskin. This is ok just run wineskin again as in step 5. Repeat steps: 5.

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Click "Test Run" in the "Configuration" tab This should cause the application to run like it normally would and allow it to be double clicked to run. If it asks you something about log files you can just cancel that window and X out of the wineskin application. I just downloaded the games again today and they weren't working on Mavericks out of the box. And I did not see a sticky post with this solution. Right click 2.

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Open 3. Open yes that is open twice To get around the "non app store certified" bug that pops up.

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Once I do that the program takes a long while to do its thing and then open. After that everything is fine. But I do notice a longer then average wait on load. Also I get 2 icons that appear in my task bar. One that is for the Wine program, and the other should be the icon from the windows version of the AGD game.

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If only one icon is appearing and nothing else it is a good indication that WINE emulator is running but the actual program like Kings Quest either hasn't loaded yet, or is having issues loading. EXE installed to windows. Here is how to do it. Your good to go. Last edited by Zeus; August 4th, at I'm brand new to FG or want to be I tried Winebottler and now Wineskin, following the instructions in both.

Originally Posted by DrZeuss. Installing WineSkin 1. Last edited by Ovid; November 4th, at Originally Posted by Ovid. Everything worked up to here. Although the most recent version is 1.

How To Run Almost Any Windows Game On Your Mac Without Boot Camp Or Parallels Using Wine [Feature]

Both turned out the same:. And here's where the major issue occurs. Wineskin is a folder at this stage, not an app, so there is no 'Show Package Contents' option. Next problem, and the most serious. Apart from the fact that I don't know what the window will look like I'm brand new, so it's not familiar at all , instead I get: "Error loading data Could not load ruleset root file base.

If I choose the former which seems the most reasonable , I get sent back to: and click the Install Software button when the dialog appears. At which point the Updater window reappears, but doesn't start automatically: I have the three buttons Settings, Update and Close at the bottom.

Settings takes me to the Settings box again. Update runs through the updates quickly, checking that they're all there and finishes with "Update check complete". No new executables found! Maybe the insaller failed? If you tried to install anywhere other than C: drive As far as I know I did. Thanks for this - it seems to be working. I now have a couple of new files on my desktop: "Fantasy Grounds. Can I junk these or at least move them? I saw this thread straight away and though might was well see how WineSkin compares before trolling the forums.