Get around mac firmware password

Can some one help me????

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I have a macbook air and bought when the owner did not know it had set the firmware password, but was set up and it turned out that he had no way to get it. I need to get it back. You can try rebooting the Mac into Safe Mode hold down Shift key on boot and see if that helps, if so it may be a kernel extension or system plugin that is causing the problem. The Console app can sometimes help to locate the problematic issue, find the kernel panic in the Console log and look for what was running immediately before it, it can sometimes be telling.

Rarely, it could be a hardware issue causing the kernel panic, like a component or some other accessory. My Macbook Pro is locked by a theif using the findmyiphone in my stolen IPHONE 6, I already showed to apple my receipt and my box but they cant allow my mac to be reformatted because the serial number is not indicated in the receipt not my problem anymore because the store forgot to include it.

Already Contacted apple security but they are very strict.

The apple ID in the mac is registered under my name matches my ID but they never considered. I hate how they misjudge and dont help their loyal customer.

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I will not buy apple device again if they cant help the true owner of the device. I already brought it to the apple service center and paid a hundred dollar just to reformat it not under warranty anymore but it was not refundable and still my mac is locked because apple does not honor my receipt. Please teach me how to reformat it my self contact me using my email.

Thank you. How are you ment too.. Paul…why so condescending? There are many honest ppl trying to purchase expensive products secondhand. To think everyone is stealing is more of a reflection of yourself…. Apple has the mind power to create a tracking system based on serial numbers. Register the device time of purchase. And upload that info into a database available for later. If a device has been stolen, they customer calls in. The device is locked simple. If there is no report of the de ice being stolen then apple should be able to assist.

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Customer service is another part of sales ppl tend to over look. Hmmmm if you go to buy a MBP you should probably learn to check to make sure they clean and rest the computer so that its a clean slate for you before you buy it and that includes the EFI.. Duh and if your going to set a password using a different keyboard.. Your fault duh think… Ahead.. Use some common sense.. Need make sure things are clean. To set a EFI password, the system accepted Turkish characters..

Is it my fault??? Did any message apeared to say this to me before I set the pasword??

How do I reset the firmware password on my MacBook Pro?

Of course, not…. I now have a dead machine that costed me USD.. Apple is not a friendly company…And that was the last apple product I buy.. PS: I have lost proof , or documents they give me when I bought it..

Need to remove Firmware Password

Word on the street is that they need the original receipt because there are password bits in the original transaction numbers or something. I am still skeptical. Users can unlock the firmware password as described above, but Apple wants the original receipt because they want proof of ownership, they are not going to unlock the firmware password for a stolen Mac, for example.

The Firmware Lock is hurting second hand buyers more than hurting thieves. Even if they did contact me to help them out… what a burden.

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Am I really going to want meet up with them at an Apple Store to verify the situation? Hell, charge me, fingerprint me, background check me, make me wait a grace period. Find a solution for this Apple to protect your customers. A solution to this second hand sale glitch helps the seller and the buyer buy more Apple products.

This is very true!! And appl eis only going to say: Sorry!! Yesterday i saw a movie in my macbook. Today I cant login my macbook.. I tried with Apple ID password.

 4-Digits Apple EFI Firmware Password Removal USB Tool MacBook (Pro/Air) iMac

Anything didnt work. What can i do..? I donot know about anything of this setteings. I am new to OS system. Beat it! Hey sdpoulter, I wonder if there are enough of us to start a class action suit against Apple. I bought my Macbook Pro a year ago from a doctor who is now out of the country and hard to contact. Two days ago my housemate copied an older Mac OS from a disk onto a thumbdrive on my machine and forgot to remove the disk.

My machine evidently tried to boot from the disk and this triggered the firmware lock. Apple wants proof of ownership that I will not likely be able to provide. I feel the burden of proof is too high and that they have essentially stolen my machine. Bought my laptop secondhand from the owner off of Craigslist. Of course… my emails and texts to that individual are just past the end of my email and text chains so… I am stuck.

This is a victory against theft! So… no one wins, everybody loses. The person I purchased from I have lost contact with as well. After using for six months mine locked up.

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  • LOL Same here! Last night, Mar 12 or was it this morning mar 13, ? First and foremost is the monopoly itself. Since monopoly has set that you must produce a receipt, they could very possibly take your item as in seize it just as plausibly could the entire justus system. We record all video and audio here for every transaction in the hopes of warding off potential miscreants.

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    When we did the reset the firmware lock appears and we do not have the password. We were given a phone number and I contacted the person and he agreed to pay me what I had paid for it, only when we met it was not the guy I bought it from but someone else. The guy I bought it from had bought it from this guy, who was the original owner. He said he was sorry and could not do that. I told him all he had to do was call Apple and tell them to reset the password because the case is all logged and ready for him to call. I am being held hostage by this guy. A great post, very good to know indeed.

    Why pay for Apple or someone else to fix it. I like this knowledge. In all previous terminal machines this never happened. In many cases, e. So a diff. I use File Vault. I selected the option to allow Apple to store my decryption key, so if I forget my password, I can get help. Really would. The process Apple gives to authorized service providers is a bunch of work. If I remember correctly, they send you some encrypted disk images and a terminal command that you have to use to put it onto a dedicated USB drive. The password they give you is really long, and I think it involves more terminal commands.

    I work for Apple and scrub Firmware daily.

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