What features does mac os have

If these make you eager to test out the operating system as soon as possible, then check out our guide on how to download and install the macOS Catalina public beta. This is our choice for the best new feature to come with macOS Catalina, mainly because of the sheer potential it offers.

The 12 best features of MacOS Mojave - CNET

The App Store on iOS is home to thousands of brilliant apps, and developers are now able to port their apps over to macOS so that they can run on Macs. This means you could soon see your favorite iPad and iPhone apps on macOS, which would bring a huge amount of new tools to your Mac.

macOS Catalina - TOP 10 Features!

These apps run natively on your Mac, which means they will look and behave just like other Mac apps — and not like an emulated iPad app awkwardly crowbarred onto a Mac. Apple has made it so that iOS and macOS apps can run on the same code, so it will be easy for developers to bring their app to both platforms at once.

Several iOS apps are already available in macOS, and we expect this number to grow rapidly.

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Another of our favorite new features in macOS Catalina is Sidecar. This allows you to use an iPad as a second display alongside your Mac — effectively turning your iPad into an external monitor.

2. Dynamic Desktop

So, you can use it to extend your desktop to create more workspace. You can drag your cursor between screens, and open multiple apps across both screens. You can also mirror the desktop — so your iPad shows the same content as your Mac. This is great for sharing information or making impromptu presentations. If you have an Apple Pencil stylus, you can also use your iPad as a drawing pad for your Mac. So, you can draw and sketch in apps, and your work will appear on your Mac.

8 Great MacOS Mojave Features You’ll Actually Use

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Apple's next-generation macOS operating system, unveiled at WWDC in June.

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