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Compete in over races across stages around the world, including famous Tours such as La Vuelta and the iconic Tour de France. Play solo or online multiplayer in clans with up to 16 players and prove to everyone who is the best pro cycling manager! Season after season, see which teams succeed in attracting the best riders and get to the top and which ones are being deserted by their leaders and get relegated to lower ranks.

Sponsor negotiations will now happen earlier in the season allowing the player to consider their complete budget for strategic recruitment decisions. In addition, sponsors will now have a maximum potential budget for the following year, which will give the player more strategic choices to increase their budget in the long term. Like many professional cyclists, you can now give your riders a double specialization from the beginning of their career — one main and one secondary. Enjoy the sensation of racing the most prestigious 1-day events of the calendar with a new specific AI for classics and world championships.

Control one of the official professional teams across three divisions, recruit and manage your cyclists as well as your staff, organise their calendars and training programs, and make the best decisions during the race. This year, in addition to road races, again engage in intense track events like Keirin or point races. Off-race, more accessible and contextualized tooltips will display essential information to let you make the best decisions.

Check their shape prior to starting races to evaluate their potential for the coming stages or their ability to handle several Grand Tours in a row. Come up with a personalized training program for each cyclist so they can benefit from performance bonuses when they reach optimal fitness. With new routes and new backgrounds, everything is in place to make the varied and detailed races around the world shine!

From creation and customization of your team to budget managing, do everything a pro manager would: Handle your calendar and enter your team in the different competitions of the season.

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To motivate your riders, set individual goals for them. Leader, Sprinter, Domestique, and more - each cyclist has personalized goals they are free to pursue. You will now have to consider his preference for a certain team or nationality, salary requirements, team prestige standards… If a negotiation lasts too long, the rider can quit due to limited patience, so make your strategic decisions quickly! The transfer system has been entirely redesigned to be closer to reality. Each rival team now has its own project, goals and interests to govern their recruitment strategy, while riders also have their own ambitions, preferences, loyalties and rivalries to influence their pick of team.

To deepen the simulation, budget management and sponsor objectives have been redesigned. Sponsor negotiations will now happen earlier in the season allowing the player to consider his complete budget for strategic recruitment decisions. In addition, sponsors will now have a maximum potential budget for the following year, which will give you more strategic choices to increase your budget in the long term.

Choose your sponsors and objectives carefully, preferring the programs that suit your team size and means the best. In Pro Cyclist mode, you leave your management shoes in the locker and step into those of a cyclist starting his career. Being the leader lets you participate in the events you want to compete in, but also means you select your teammates from amongst the best riders and give them orders during race.

Build yourself a solid reputation in the peloton, and you might join one of the most prestigious cycling teams! All these changes, plus a rebalancing of rider levelling, have made it more enjoyable to progress.

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Once leader, a new option allows you to give a free effort order to your teammates while forming a train. You can also give individual orders like asking your leader and his lieutenant to react to every attack. Set up rapid tempo for mountain climbing and lower the effort while down hilling, resupply your cyclists regularly, and try to keep enough stamina for the final sprint. You are the manager during a race, but also before and after! Before each race, pay attention to your team data, find your strengths and weaknesses, and build up the best tactics shape of the cyclists, type of events, weather… to counter your contenders.

At any time during the race, organize your team in a paceline and place your cyclists tactically to keep them in the best possible condition when approaching a key moment.

You have identified the sprints that will win you precious seconds? Form a paceline a few kilometers before the sprint to toughen up the race, stretch the peloton and assure you can enter the defining zone in a good position.

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Other teams will adapt their pace, such as having an aggressive behavior during intermediate sprints to earn precious points. Skimming on cobblestones has been accentuated to revalue this specific stat, as well as AI behaviors on atypical arrival races to show more realistic results. Ready to prove your value against other pro managers? Compete online in existing or self-made tournaments, races, tours and routes!

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You can create your own clan and join your friends in the in-game chat to organize competitions and consult current leaderboards. Thanks to the Steam Workshop, you can share and download user-generated content, whether it was created by you or by the huge community of enthusiastic Pro Cycling Manager players.

New races, jerseys, and databases — you have all you need to expand and constantly renew your game experience with unlimited content created by the community. New Features. Pro team mode. Pro Leader mode - NEW. Challenge mode. Cologne, NRW.

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