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If you want to play, read, or write Blu-ray discs with your Mac, you're going to need to start with an excellent Blu-ray drive. Here are our favorite Blu-ray drives for Mac. Plus, it uses a USB 3. The Pioneer BDR-XD05's 6x write speeds on single-layer and dual-layer discs, and up to 4x max write speeds on quad-layer discs, which makes it one of the faster drives around.

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Compatible with Mac right out of the box, it also has a quiet mode, so it won't make a ton of noise when you're using the drive. Plus, by using a USB 3.

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The drive is formatted both for Mac and Windows, so you don't have to worry about reformatting the drive if you want to switch back and forth between operating systems. It also includes M-Disc support for longer life recordings. Housed in an aluminum casing, the OWC Mercury Pro may be a bit bulky and boxy, but what it lacks in looks it makes up for in performance.

This 16X drive is fast at burning Blu-Ray discs, and it's even compatible with M-Disc, so your archives will last much longer. The drive also uses USB 3. When it comes to playing Blu-rays on your Mac, you're going to need software as well as an external drive, and sometimes that software can be expensive.

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Of course, if you plan on using Blu-rays for hard copies of your work, document, files, and general back up, it's probably worth the dishing out the extra cash for a drive like the ASUS BWD1X-U. It just has way more power than those slimmer drives and will help you transfer all your data to disc a lot faster.

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Either way, you'll need one of the great drives listed above if you want to watch or burn any Blu-rays on your Mac. We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. Learn more. Are you looking for an iPad Pro WARN: We analyzed the review of most external Blu-ray drives and found many unknown-brand products with many 5-stars fake product reviews added within in a few short days, please be cautious to buy these products.

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No product is perfect, so we should be able to understand the bad review. For the external optical drive, many problems are common and caused by a system error, usually, we can easily find troubleshooting steps to solve them.

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