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How would I set up a firmware password? There doesn't seem to be an Applications directory on my DVD. Have set firmware password on my iMac G5 and find that no firmware password is required to change to a different boot partition on the same disk. As I understand it, a savvy thief could copy a working system without Undercover onto an alternative partition and then boot from it thus circumventing Undercover.

Mac Lion Set Firmware Password, Reset User Account Password

Any comments? I am wondering how to set firmware password from a macbook air. I guess there would be an option using remote disc, but as it is, i don't have a desktop, nor an external disc drive. Any suggestions?

Hi Frederic, If you drop me an email, I'll send you the firmware password utility by email. It should work on the MBA. Peter Undercover developer. Hi, I'm thinking about buying Undercover after my last Macbook Pro got stolen. My Mac geek friends know my story and we are all considering it after what has happened to me.

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I'm seeing only one important flaw in the protection Undercover gives, and it's actually Apple's fault. It only takes a screwdriver and removing one memory DIMM. Do you have any plans to talk with Apple about such a huge flaw?

Because if this is not solved, solutions like Undercover are counting on the thief being somewhat a newbie in computers or unable to use Google to overcome the security. I think it's OK to try to fool the thief to get the laptop back, but the right physical countermeasures have to be in place to give the crook no other option but return the stolen computer. How EFI works is not documented at all by Apple, so maybe putting pressure from security companies like yours in Apple side will help to solve this kind of flaws and to improve even more the chance of getting the computer back.

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My solution was to insert the disk, start the installation and once it had booted from CD, access the firmware password option from the "Utilities" menu that appeared at the top. In case anyone else comes across this problem: I set the firmware password but was still getting prompted for it when booting up even though I was booting from the internal and only disk.

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I had the disk replaced a few months ago to increase capacity. However, even though it was the only disk in the Mac, the new disk wasn't selected as the startup disk. So, I just had to select the internal disk so that it was highlighted. Then I could boot up as normal without being prompted for the firmware password as expected from Misconception 2. Unless I am wrong, which has happened before! Question 1. Yesterday I finally got around to installing the Open Firmware Password from the startup disk as specified in your email. I had just transfered my data from one lacie to another after reformatting them.

Anyway, for while I thought I had lost all my data and my heart is still racing. But I got the start up disk, removed that Open Firmware Password option and restarted the computer. Now it can read the disks. What am I doing wrong? I did not try to boot the computer from the ext HD.

I would like to have that extra proetection AND be able to use external hard drives. Please help. Question 2. On that topic. I am affraid that my computer is not very safe. A thief would not even need to use another HD, cause I have no password right now on my admin account. Why not you ask?

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Because my girlfriend and I share the computer. I have created an account for her and we switch accounts several times per day. I don't want to have to enter a password every time we switch. It would be nice, ideally, if no password were required to switch accounts once we are logged on, but that a password be required to log on when it is turned on, to install software or to erase the int.

Does that option exist on Tiger, if not could you suggest it to Apple? Just wondering about activating the firmware password on a MacBook Pro that has been upgraded to Leopard. Do I use the Leopard install disk, although it is not specific to this computer? Ian, Yes, you should use the firmware password utility that comes on your Leopard disk, even if it's not the original disk that came with your Mac. BTW, when do we need to use target mode?

Orbicule: What you need to know about the Apple firmware password

Hi Laura, Send us an email support at orbicule dot com and we will send you the Apple firmware password. For Click the lock icon. How do I know that Undercover is installed and running correctly on my system? Can I look in Activity Monitor for a process name? It's great that it is hidden from thieves but I would like some way of knowing that it is working?

Yes, you can indeed check that in AM. Please contact us at support at orbicule dot com for more information. I am wondering: can't the thief boot the Mac in target mode and reformat the drive remotely from another Mac? Or is this also prevented by the Firmware password?

Prevent Unauthorized Users From Booting up Your Mac

As a follow-up question to the Anon on July 6th, where does Undercover "live" - is it hidden in the applications or utilities folder? Could a thief easily find the process in activity monitor? I'm sure that any thief capable of using google just has to search for things like "thief protection mac" and this will come up, so that they can start making counter-measures and find out if Undercover is there at all.

I can't find it on the Install DVD?? Almost all laptop thefts are sudden opportunities and not the work of a very tech savvy individuals. They got a nice laptop and will want to fire it up or sell it as quickly as possible. For a thief to get around Undercover, they first of all must realize that your laptop actually has Undercover running on it.

Since this isn't obvious, most thieves will blindly boot up their newly acquired booty and surf for porn or play a game. In this case, most of the thieves will simply pawn off your Mac to someone else and let them be the ones who boot it up and get discovered. It would be a very rare thief who'd even notice the firmware lock, and even rarer one who knows how to open the Mac in order to get around it.

Not to get something like Undercover because you fear that if your Mac is stolen, that somehow it may be stolen by that 1 theif out of the thousands who has some technical understanding what they have acquired strikes me as being foolish. It would be like not getting insurance for your house because none of the policies cover meteor damage.

If you are out traveling, it may be a good idea to store your Undercover ID as a document in your Dropbox account. Although the above options will allow you to reset your own Mac password, it also means that others with physical access to your Mac will also be able to use them for accessing your information. Tags: forgot Mac password lost Mac password Reset Mac OS X Password reset Mac password reset mac password single user mode reset mac password without cd reset mac password without disk.

If you cannot remember your Mac administrator password, you may need to recover or reset your password to log onto your system.