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Leigh Lesho is a self-taught singer-songwriter from Tucson, AZ who spent much of the first chapter of her life as a competitive multi-sport athlete.

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  • Tusk - The World's #1 Fleetwood Mac Tribute (4/18/19).

She went on to earn All-American honors as a softball pitcher at The University of Nebraska and ultimately finished her career playing in the United States, Spanish, and Italian professional leagues. She began studying and practicing yoga in her final years of college and became certified to teach after retiring from softball at years old.

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She founded and operated a yoga studio in with the intentions of nurturing its growth for many years to come but decided to close it in to dedicate as much of her time as possible to her young son Rylan who had been diagnosed with autism and was non-verbal until the age of four. Since she was a child, Leigh dreamed of oneday recording and performing her original music, but she could have never imagined that the motivation for this would eventually come from the desire to help her son find his voice.


Since the creation of was an afterthought to its contents, Leigh decided to approach it with her wide-open appreciation for all genres of music and allow the songs to decide which sound forms they each wanted to take on. With hits such as Shadowside and Desert Dwellers, the album has been very well received with fans often expressing their appreciation for the many different sounds and styles that it contains while still creating a cohesive sound.

Leigh wrote and produced her follow-up album Akasha that was released on October 10, The intimate, acoustically-rich Acorn environment encourages interaction between the artists and audience. The Acorn brings great known performers and amazing new ones to southwest Michigan. The Acorn, a nonprofit organization, annually hosts a singer songwriter competition and a Spectacular Tournament of Playwrights.

City of Linden: Concert Series: Tusk: Fleetwood Mac Tribute

Our Open Mic nights showcase a variety of strong talent and our educational workshops include songwriting and master classes in performance. Skip to content.


Stevie Nicks Tribute / Fleetwood Mac Tribute

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