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Songs imported via the search will be added to the currently selected category. The button on the lower right will give you quick access to the tab to switch to playlists, chords or settings. The song view displays the current song with lyrics and chords. Tap on a chord to look up the chord definitions.

Use the chord toolbar button to toggle display of the currently used chords at the bottom or to the right of the song. The list will start with the first chord of the currently visible part of the song.

The toolbar at the bottom gives you access to several functions which in turn will show their own toolbars or menus. On the iPhone in portrait mode some functions are only accessible via the menu button in the lower right due to limited space. Tap anywhere on the screen to go back to the standard toolbar.

The play button will start auto-scrolling the song. You can adjust the tempo with the slider. To temporarily pause the current scrolling, tap with two fingers anywhere on the screen.

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Repeating this multiple times will add to the delay. When the line with this pause statement reaches the top of the screen, auto-scrolling will pause for this amount of time. You can also put that directive at the top of the song to delay the auto-scroll start. SongBook features a built-in metronome.

You can configure whether you want an audible tick or a flash of the upper toolbar or upper part of the screen or both in Settings. This is a separate setting from the song auto-scroll speed because the latter depends on screen size and orientation. Use the Play button at the right to switch to auto-scroll and vice versa. The pinch gesture changes the zoom level only for the currently displayed song. The zoom buttons change the zoom level permanently for all songs.

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Unlike zooming of pictures, zooming of songs in SongBook will trigger a re-layout of the song, so you will never have to scroll horizontally. If you don't like the inverted display, switch it off in Settings. Tap on the chord to see the full chord view with all definitions. The latter can be switched off in Settings. There you can also configure to start auto-scrolling with a pedal down. The page percentage to scroll can also be configured. In addition, the following keys are supported:. You can select a special concert mode for simplified usage in live situations in the menu. You can transpose the song into a different key by tapping on the b toolbar button.

You can define the key from the menu at the right. Use the "All b" and "All " buttons to convert all sharp chords to their flat equivalent or vice versa. If you just tap outside the transpose toolbar, the current transposition will be active until you switch to another song. You can use Set Capo to define a fret for a capo. This works just like a transpose down the same number of steps, but will show a Capo: The menu at the right-hand side lets you convert song chords into the Nashville Numbering System which will convert all chord names into number 1,2, This only works if a key is set in the song with Set Key from the menu.

If a song is already in Nashville Number format, you can convert it back into regular chords again based on the defined key. More Song Functions The menu button on the right of the main toolbar offers various additional song actions. It lets you switch off display of chords or lyrics, mail the song as an attachment as chordpro file, formatted PDF or plain text , or change the category or assign the song to a playlist.

If you have an AirPrint -capable printer, you can print the current song. If you want to play along with a music MP3 file, you can link a SongBook song to an iTunes music file with the menu in the lower right. SongBook will automatically link matching songs based on the song title. Once a SongBook song is linked to a music file, the metronome button is replaced with a notes button to show a mini player toolbar.

Unlink a connected music file from the menu. Alternatively, you can select an MP3 file from the Files app. This works across all devices and platforms.


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If a song is not found on one of the connected devices or has a different content it can be copied automatically. When you transpose a song, the transpose step will also be sent to the other devices.

The connection is peer-to-peer: When a device switches off or shows the lock screen, the connection will be dropped. SongBook will automatically try to re-connect once it is back in the foreground. To make maximum use of screen real-estate, SongBook can display a song in full screen mode where the whole display is used to display the song. SongBook will automatically switch to multi-column mode if the song is narrow enough and would fit without scrolling on the screen.

With an external display connected, you can change the external display to only show lyrics via the menu. This can be useful if your audience wants to sing the song you're playing. SongBook will automatically increase the auto power-off idle timeout up to 15min while a song is displayed. SongBook has a simple Internet search for chordpro files built-in. You can use one of the two main search providers, or type a URL of your own. If the displayed page contains a pre-formatted song, the Import button in the lower right will become active and open the song editor.

You can then save the song in the song list or cancel the edit and get back to the search view. By it's very nature, Internet search can be hit-or-miss, results may vary. You are responsible for obeying the respective copyrights of the material found on the Internet. Songs that are not in chordpro format, i. Unlike chordpro files, tab files have separate lines for the chords, like. To have fixed chord positions regardless of font preferences, SongBook renders tab files with a fixed font also in the editor. SongBook will automatically recognize chords within the tab file, render them in chord color, transpose them or let you look up the chord fingering.

You can switch off tab support in Settings.

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It's intuitive and simple. I started creating 3mins after downloading, and I'm already happy with the output of what I started wrestling with this morning at 3: Here are some ideas for future updates: Any sticky could be turned into a new project board that was linked with the original high level map. The daughter and parent boards could be linked for easy movement between the two layers - I'd like to have add'l ways to visually group beyond color.

Thinking of something simple like being able to add a small icon to the corner of similar stickies, for example a "star" to the notes that I want to pursue further - I'd like to be able to create a copy of the entire board to be able to refine mind maps without losing earlier versions - I'd like to be able export notes to my Reminders Thanks for a great free app, and for implementing any of these ideas! App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.

Description Capturing and sharing your inner most creative genius has never been easier.

Epistory - Typing Chronicles on Steam

Additional improvements for retina iPads, push notifications, improved cross-device communication, and additional iOS6 improvements. Included fixes for some iOS6 related issues. Also preparing some new features in an upcoming release. There will be no noticeable change in first-generation iPads. Just click on the project name or icon in the top left to access the project management view. One finger always draws, 2 fingers change the viewing area. You can also use the shake gesture to delete content from the screen.

Just double-tap anywhere on the canvas to create a new sticky note. You can also now delete sticky notes just by pressing and holding down on them. Guitar Pro is a well-designed tab learning app, similar to Songsterr. Tab is played in real time, moving across the screen in sync with music. Traditional notation is also shown, which is a unique feature in this list. Key features are — play back loop, high quality transcription, realistic songs player, tempo control and so on.

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