What is the best screen capture app for mac

To choose from all these software and end up with just one can really be tedious and confusing without you having all the information on what each has to offer. This article is for you who is not sure which screen recorder to go for be it in terms of brand, free, paid or feature-wise. This article covers on the most popular and best screen recorder software for Mac platform highlighting on the main features that make each tick. At the end of the article, you will have an easier time making a final decision on what to go for depending on your needs.

Without much dilly-dally, let us get started.

12222 Best Screen Recorders for Mac

This is one of the best screen recorder software for Mac from the well-known TechSmith Corporation. Camtasia Studio is feature-laden in every way possible making it a fully-fledged screencasting software for your Mac. It comes as a screen recorder for the main purpose and also doubles as an editor for the screencasts. The key features include;. You get a day free trial with Camtasia Studio after which you can go for the paid version that carries all features without any limitations.

ScreenFlow is both a screen recorder and an editor at the same time. Get your hands on the highest recording quality coupled with lots of editing tools. You will be able to record the screen, the webcam and also capture audio if need be. Besides this, you are also given a special feature where you are able to record your iPhone or iPad screen like when making app demos.

When it comes to editing tools, you get access to lots of annotation tools, a built-in stock media library to choose from, professional animations and motion graphics to spice up your videos even further, ability to add closed captions and even more to explore. ScreenFlow for Mac comes with an instinctive user interface making it very easy to learn and use. Lots of publishing options are available and tutorials that make the learning curve less steep. Snagit is another screen recording tool for the Mac OS X that brings tons of features.

Capture the screen and webcam on the go and better yet capture screen video of your iOS devices which you can later edit. With Snagit, you will be able to capture screen video of the whole screen, a specific region, an application window like a web browser and also a scrolling screen when it comes to screenshots. A special feature also comes with this desktop recorder whereby you are able to grab text directly without having to retype.

As for the audio, you will be able to capture both the microphone and system audio depending on the goal at hand. In addition to this, you also get editing tools including outlining, stamps, magic wand, text effects, automated object movement not forgetting trimming and cutting videos as necessary.

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When it comes to sharing, Snagit has a variety of integrations of popular services like YouTube, Dropbox and more that allow you to directly share your work without leaving the app. When working on the Apple platform, be it your Mac Pro or MacBook Pro, Screencastify will give you several recording modes that you can get started with depending on your goal. It is also a special software as it comes as an extension exclusively for the Chrome browser. One of the modes is that you are able to record the screen which can be a game-play video, a presentation or even a tutorial.

Best Screen recorders for Mac OS X

Moreover, you are able to record the webcam too and include audio on the go like for the case you need to personalize footage with your narration. Lastly but not least, Screencastify will enable you to record an active browser tab on Chrome which comes in handy when you need the viewer to follow on how to navigate a website.

During the recording, you will be able to put the focus on the cursor by highlight the mouse. Once you have recorded, annotation, drawing, and other editing tools are provided to enhance the video making it as informative as possible. Screencast-O-Matic is one of the best screen recording software for mac that not only comes as a screencasting tool but also a video editor. In a fast, free and easy way, you will be able to capture the screen, include the webcam and voice narration if need be. After the screen capture, an intuitive video editor is available for you without leaving the app where you can enhance the screen recording by adding music, adding images, including animations, overlaying and more.

Enjoy vast sharing and content protection options with this software when you use the hosting services provided. The service will let you share, collaborate and even determine the level of privacy of your videos. A new feature to also enjoy is that you can have your recordings safe and secure with an online backup away from your Mac.

With this feature, you also save on local storage which would have been taken by the files. Screencast-O-Matic comes as a free and paid app and the choice you opt for depends on the features you need. Besides playing audio and video, VLC is able to record the whole macOS screen with a customizable framerate. To accomplish this, VLC plays the screen as a stream or saves the output locally on the Mac. Besides that, it has a DirectShow mode that allows you to capture footage from a video device of choice.

VLC will be able to detect connected video devices like the webcam with an option to not include it completely. If you need audio, options for it are provided at your fingertips, all you need is to set the right options.

In addition to that, VLC is able to directly capture footage from digital TV cards that you may have connected. All you have to do is select the tuner card, match it with its specific delivery system and you will be ready to capture. When you explore it further, you will find that it also comes with screencasting properties. Primarily, QuickTime will empower you with two recording modes whereby you can choose to record the whole screen or optionally drag the mouse to select a specific area on the screen to record.

Audio capturing is taken into consideration with QuickTime being able to identify audio capture devices on your Mac Pro or MacBook Pro in case you need to add narration to your screencast using the microphone.

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10 Best Screen Recorders For Mac

Putting emphasis on certain areas of the screen capture is important and this software will let you do just that by giving you an option to show mouse clicks. However, saving of recorded screen video is manual so never forget to save. Better yet, if the recording is not beyond 10 seconds, you can convert the video to an animated GIF which is small in size hence saving on space and requires little bandwidth when it comes to sharing.

Even when saving as a GIF, the quality is not compromised so the viewer does not have a hard time when trying to make out what is in the screen recording. In addition to screen capture, you can also personalize your video with a webcam recording intro. After recording, you can save the file locally and have an option to publish and share the same file on the QuickCast cloud services.

A shareable link will be generated for you. This is a superior snapshot and screencasting tool from Ambrosia Software. Most of the time, it is considered more of a screenshot app despite being able to capture screen video. Whether taking a screenshot or recording the screen, each of these activities can be done on the full screen, an application window and better yet a specific area that you select by dragging the mouse cursor.

Snapz Pro X is able to support both Retina and non-Retina displays.

A handy feature with this software is the option to preview output even before you can save. Like for a screenshot, you will be able to review and make necessary modifications with the available built-in editing tools. To make work easier, hotkeys are provided for fast and convenient carrying out of tasks. Watermarks are also allowed so that you are able to personalize screen captures as you may wish. Regarding output, this app will let you save screenshots in various formats and QuickTime Movie format for the video.

ActivePresenter is also one of the best screen recording software for Mac that comes with extras of a video editor and an eLearning authoring app. You will be able to record gameplay video, presentations, tutorials and even take screenshots on the go.

4 Best Screen Capture Tools Mac Os X

A smart capture option is available for screenshots whereby you take them at the click of a mouse button or a hotkey. You can include either audio from the microphone or system audio depending on the goal at hand. With the microphone, making narrations or voiceovers has been made easier.

ActivePresenter is very rich in editing tools that cannot be exhausted here which include spotlighting, styling, zooming, and panning, green screen, media importation, captions, text to speech, annotations, transitions and animations, blur and transparency among others. This software comes as a free version but there are other paid versions that require you to dig into your pocket. OBS Studio is another best screen recorder for Mac that is free and open source most suited for video recording and live streaming.