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Security comes in the form of the SanDisk Memory Zone App, allowing all data to be backed up to a cloud. You are also getting access to the app which gives you added features. The tradeoff is basically a hard aluminum shell or a feature-rich app. It depends on what you value more as a user. Although this device offers USB 3.

The write speeds are admirable but could also be a little faster. The casing is made using a zinc alloy. It also has a rubber coated cap so the device is extremely durable.

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In fact, this combination of materials makes the Fusion arguably the most durable device on this list. The capacity of this version is g but there are other variants sporting lower capacities. The device varies in color and write speeds depending on the capacity of the model. This thumb drive offers better features in terms of security. The hardware is protected by COP technology, meaning the device is resistant to dust, vibrations, and water. There is also a file management application which allows for one-touch backups.

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On top of that, you get a 5-year warranty which is always a bonus. The casing is made from a zinc alloy making the device extremely durable. It also features an ergonomic design making the thumb drive easier to use and grasp.

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The swivel feature adds an extra layer of durability to the device as well because it avoids the need for loose or hanging parts. The drive has a capacity of gb. The read and write speeds of this device are unfortunately not specified, however, given its price point you can expect the device to perform well.

We were also unable to find any reports suggesting the speeds are slow which is positive. It might not be for everyone but if it meets your specific needs, it should prove to be great value for money. This thumb drive is arguably the best entry on this list for a number of reasons. It also uses USB 3. This is by far the fastest thumb drive on this list, with the closest challenger clocking speeds that are half as fast.

With a gb capacity, the drive is capable of holding plenty of data and coupled with the read speeds, you are unlikely to ever face problems when it comes to transferring and storing data on the drive. It also supports USB 3. This makes it slightly faster than some of the thumb drives on this list. The device will hold up just fine. Unfortunately, the device has no built-in security features or an accompanying app. The thumb drive has an all metal construction and comes with a silicon cover.

Therefore, you should have no concerns about the device getting damaged. Sony has also managed to keep the device small and compact, so thumbs up for that. Security really lets this device down. Although considering this product is coming from Sony, it is still safe to assume there is one. There are a few options available when it comes to storage. The device comes in three variants, 16gb, 32gb, 64gb.

This puts it towards the lower end in terms of capacity but for anyone not looking to store huge amount of data on their drive, it will do just fine. That being said, given the lack of security features, it could be worth looking elsewhere. The construction is made up of a metal body and a plastic cover. The latter could prove to be a weak spot in the design but will probably hold up just fine. The security of this device is very good.

First of all, it uses COB technology to protect from all sorts of weather conditions. It also has a supporting file management app, allowing you to back up your data and on top of that, it has a 5-year warranty. All of this put the device near the top of this list when it comes to the security of both the device and your data.

Top 7 Best USB 3.0 Flash Drive for iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC - Best External Storage for iPhone

It has a few different storage options to choose from, starting at 16gb and ending at 64gb. This means that if you are not a heavy user, there will likely be a version of this device to suit your needs. It would have been nice to see a gb variant but 64gb should still be enough for most people.

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This is an average price for a thumb drive of this capacity, but with the added bonus of the security features, you are probably getting slightly more value for your money. I needed a fastest one for my MacBookPro I thank you for this valuable article. Your email address will not be published. Sign me up for the newsletter! Posted on March 19, Check Amazon. Best Value Silicon Power C80 4. Top Pick Samsung gb Duo Plus 4. The Cons Write speeds should be specified Plastic could create weak areas in the construction No built-in password protection No fingerprint scanner Could be considered too expensive. If you are looking for a small, efficient device, this could be for you. The Cons Write speeds should be specified Plastic cover could get damaged or break No built-in password protection No fingerprint scanner 16gb and gb variants would have been nice Could be considered too expensive.

The Cons Not the fastest speeds Rubber hinge could tear No built-in password protection No fingerprint scanner Warranty should be longer A gb variant would have been nice Could be considered too expensive. The Cons Read and Write speeds not specified Larger than most on this list No built-in password protection No fingerprint scanner A gb variant would have been nice Could be considered too expensive. SanDisk has long been pushing the boundaries of USB flash drive performance with its super-fast Extreme range, and it has brought that performance over to this drive too.

Your portfolio is your livelihood, so why take a risk with it? The drive is password protected with bit AES encryption, to comply with FIPS standards that most corporate environments demand, with all decrypting done in hardware on the drive itself. In fact, there are all kinds of alternative uses for a drive this fast. It works great as an external boot drive, so you can run an entire operating system from it at full performance, which is handy for Mac users who need to work in Windows too. Hard disk technology may be decades old, and not quite as fast as some USB flash storage, but the WD MyPassport offers the absolute best value for money in terms of how much capacity you get for your money.

If you have a monstrous file collection - perhaps working with a large media library of 4K video files taking up multiple TB of space, then it would be wrong for us to not recommend using an external hard disk, rather than a USB flash drive. The larger 3.

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USB flash storage can come in all shapes and sizes, and you even find USB storage fashioned into all kinds of objects, often given away as promotional items. Not bad at all for a little guy. Another hard disk option here, and this time the unique feature is that the LaCie Rugged USB-C 's orange rubber casing makes it extremely durable. Drop your laptop while files are copying to a hard disk and there is a real risk the disk could be destroyed and your data lost.

That makes it a great choice for content creation on the move. Patriot Supersonic Rage 2 Great performance.